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Planet Earth is a lot of things, sometimes it is not even Planet Earth. For the creation of the Star Wars movies, lots of different and exciting locations were used around the world as settings to help build the elaborate and varied universe that Star Wars takes place in. You think you know everything about the Star Wars universe, you’ve even taken the new Star Wars quiz, yet some of these real life locations my surprise you.

The Force Awakens

1: Mount Etna, Italy. Now, whilst it could be argued that a lot of the content in the prequel movies was down to CGI, there is no contention that it played a big part in Episode III as the reference for and sometimes real Mustafar. Mustafar being a molten planet consisting almost entirely of lava, it needed scenes of the fiery rivers to make the harsh terrain believable, and that is just the role Mount Etna (Europe’s highest volcano) played.

Mount Etna

2: Finse, Norway. Norway may be thought of as a strange location for a Star Wars movie, but picture its dense snowstorms in winter and you will be instantly reminded of the ice planet Hoth, as seen in Episode V. The town of Finse being the principal location of photography for this section of the movie (exterior shots only), the hotel has a number of guides on hand ready to take tourists out into the snowy terrain and show them all there is to see in this frozen landscape concerning the movie. The hotel also has a lot of photos and signatures from the movie, which is sure to keep all fans warm at night!


3: Redwood National Park, California (USA). It would be hard to look at the Redwood national park and see anything other than the forest moon of Endor. Home of the shield generator in Episode VI, this luscious forest was chosen because of its vibrant colours and how dense the scenery was. Sadly, you can’t visit the actual shooting locations today because it is owned by a private logging firm, but it doesn’t matter. Endor is everywhere in the redwoods, and it is easy to find and visit-a lot easier than an excursion to Hoth!


4: Tikal, Guatemala. The location of Yavin IV in Episode IV, the target of the Death Star at the end of the movie. Lucas apparently chose the location based off of what he saw in a tourism poster, and his rash decision payed off brilliantly; the Mayan temples and structures give ‘Yavin’ a uniquely alien look. Tikal also served as Kashyyyk during the Star Wars Holiday Special. But we don’t really talk about that.

Tikal, Guatemala

There you have it, four amazing locations that can be described as truly out of this world. It just goes to show what you can do with the right locations and a good cinematographer.

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